Seven: The Days Long Gone Bug Fixing Galore

The majority of reviews for IMGN.PRO and Fool's Theory's stealth-action RPG Seven: The Days Long Gone mention the general buggy nature of the game and the clunkiness of some of its systems as its biggest downsides. However, by way of a press release, we've learned that the developers are working hard to remedy that. The game has already received three big patches (1.0.3, 1.0.4, 1.0.5) that fix plenty of bugs, make the game more user-friendly and better optimized. And, by the looks of it, more patches are on the way.

Here are the relevant parts from the press release that promises some free content down the line:

BIELSKO-BIALA, POLAND (December 8, 2017) -- ex-Witcher developers from Fool’s Theory & IMGN.PRO (Kholat), have released two new bug killing patches for SEVEN: THE DAYS LONG GONE, their Thief-inspired 3D isometric RPG in which players must escape the inescapable prison island of Peh in the post-apocalyptic open world of the Vetrall Empire.

“We wish to extend our gratitude to fans and journalists who have already played our game. In a perfect world we would have waited a bit longer to release, but we had to go, and we were eager to share what we have been working on. These first two patches address some combat issues, movement and stealth problems and eliminate a lot of minor bugs. It’s not perfect yet, but we are working toward perfection. We thank you all for your support as we continue to release updates,” said Lukasz Kubiak,

“As a ‘thank you’ gift to you all, we are working on some additional content that will make available for free to everyone who has the game to make your adventures on Peh island even more fun. Thank you for helping us bring this game to fruition. We wish you and yours a safe and wonderful holiday with lots of free to time to game,” said Kubiak

And here are the patch notes for the latest 1.0.5 patch:

  • Day and night system will no longer cast shadows during the night.
  • NEW: Added backstab, and dropkill prompts - the special marker will visualise the window of opportunity.
  • NEW: Backstab and dropkill prompt will now inform you about the lethality of your weapon's attack.
  • NEW: Display stat for opportunity damage modifier (backstabs, dropkills, finishers) on weapon tooltip.
  • NEW: Stash accessible now through every crafting and alchemical station.
  • FIX: Unified backstab damage. Damage dealt with the backstabbing attack will be the same no matter if the target is aware or unaware of player.
  • FIX: Weapon opportunity damage upgrades will now add proper damage bonus.
  • FIX: Due to popular demand monster respawn delay has been made longer.
  • FIX: Arena champions and keepers have proper attitude settings now.
  • FIX: Badelisk navigation snap adjusted, so they don't stick to the ground anymore.
  • FIX: NPC AI teleporting back to the bottom while using ladder no longer appears.
  • FIX: Changed type of AI Territory volume near Cliffs, so it does not prompt player falsely about trespassing.
  • FIX: Anim Montages Items fixes.
  • FIX: NPCs locations adjusted in Artee Village.
  • FIX: Food machines now should not lose interaction.
  • FIX: One-sided geometry has proper collision settings now - AI should no longer see you through walls/floors.
  • FIX: Lowered invisibility active cost by half.
  • FIX: Increased lining armour capacity bonus.
  • FIX: Crafting tier III upgrades for lockpicks and driller will now require the II tier upgrade.
  • FIX: Tier II upgrades for drills and lockpicks will no longer be displayed if Tier III had been crafted.
  • FIX: Players who crafted Tier II after crafting Tier III will now have proper DrillerTier set.
  • FIX: Chromosphere radius upgrades will now make its radius bigger.
  • FIX: Fall damage stat will be displayed correctly.
  • FIX: Skill passive Fighter will allow displaying enemies' resistances in Sense Mode.
  • FIX: Armor upgrades for movement speed won't apply the enormous amount of movement penalty for armour parts with base 0 penalty.
  • FIX: Missing disguises recognitions added.
  • FIX: Vaetic will now correctly spawn in the "Very Old Friends" quest.
  • FIX: "The Crucible" Arena Keeper will now properly activate an objective upon returning for reward and not fighting anymore.
  • FIX: Lady Firefly has now a correct oneliner response after quest resolution.
  • FIX: Du Motier's doorman now has a proper dialogue response set after you escape the party.
  • FIX: Adjusted meeting trigger with Vaetic in Prologue.
  • FIX: Quest "Now Who Is The Crazy One" - mapping handling fixed in Wildermage's Lab, visual error for empty crystal holder fixed.
  • FIX: "Poor Sister Of Mine" - fix for sister not leaving home after destroying all mines.
  • FIX: Quest "Very Old Friends" will now properly spawn missing Vaetic in his tower in Everglade Swamps.
  • FIX: Refreshing Arena Keeper dialogue after winning each fight.
  • FIX: Quest "Petals And Promises" - will now correctly start after talking to Farmer.
  • FIX: Quest "Lady's Plus One" - now quest will fail properly after fleeing party without getting artefact first, confiscated weapons will be automatically added to player's inventory after leaving.
  • FIX: Quest "Petals And Promises" - recovering quest functionality for Players who could not start it properly after talking to Abel.
  • FIX: Broken Shortcut - deleted fence which was blocking Players from entering wealthy district in Warden's Hold.
  • FIX: Ladders should now work all over the map.
  • FIX: General geometrical bug fixes pass.
  • FIX: General action point and work item bug fixes pass.
  • FIX: White plane no longer visible after loading a game straight after arrival at Peh.
  • NEW: Added Keepers by Miracle of Sound to safehouse jukebox when you finish the "Veil of Darkness" quest.
  • NEW: Added new images and videos for tutorials.
  • FIX: Item tooltip will now display the proper amount of components player would receive upon dismantling an item. For stacks of items, the cumulative amount of components is shown instead.
  • FIX: Issue with playing a tutorial movie when selecting an entry for the first time should no longer exist.
  • FIX: Item tooltip resize bug fixed.
  • FIX: Dialogue speaker names will no longer be cut in different languages.
  • FIX: New image for cinematic portraits on low settings.