Path of Exile New Boss Fight and Item Preview

The recent announcement of the upcoming War for the Atlas expansion for Path of Exile revealed a lot of new encounters and items, and now we get to see and read a bit more about a couple of those. First, we have a two and a half minute video previewing a new boss fight against a giant scorpion queen. Have a look:

And then, there's also a detailed explanation of the mechanics behind The Hungry Loop unique ring. A bit on that:

To feed it a gem, you must level that gem to its maximum level inside the ring. Yes, that means you can take a level 19 gem that is ready to hit 20, socket it, and level it up, and the ring will eat it.

The Hungry Loop is not a picky eater, however, so it ignores gem quality. It also doesn't like unnaturally high-level gems obtained via Corruption. To eat a gem, the gem must be socketed within the ring as it reaches max level, even if that gem is an Empower, and the max level is 3.

The eaten gems obey all the ordinary support rules, so if the Hungry Loop were to, for example, eat two trigger gems, any skills later socketed in it wouldn't work. Be careful what you feed your Hungry Loop!

If you make the mistake of feeding your Hungry Loop conflicting support gems, you can sell your Hungry Loop to a vendor to get the gems back. Not the ring, though. Tearing gems out of a Hungry Loop's belly tends to be lethal to the Loop.

We're looking forward to seeing what kind of uses you can find for this ring!