GB Feature: Divinity: Original Sin II Review

We've spent an absurd amount of time with Larian Studios's role-playing titles going back to the first few years of GameBanshee's existence, so we certainly couldn't pass up a chance to check out their latest entry in the series. Our 15+ year dedication to the Belgian studio's franchise has resulted in a full and lengthy review of Divinity: Original Sin II, with a little something below to get you started:
And on the narrative side of things, the game continues to exhibit Larian's signature light-hearted approach to writing about seriously grisly stuff. Sure, maybe most cellars in Rivellon are stuffed with freshly butchered corpses, not to mention all the closets with their respective skeletons, but the vibrant lively colors and the frequent moments of levity create this juxtaposition between the grim and the cheery that perfectly highlights both the highs and the lows of Original Sin II's story.

With so much to do, and realistically, no way to complete everything on your first go, Original Sin II begs for multiple play-throughs, even though a single one can take you around a hundred hours. It's a massive game on the scale of something like Baldur's Gate II, and just as enjoyable, so be prepared to get lost in the world of Rivellon for months at a time.