Pillars of Eternity II: Deadfire Update #40 – Multiclassing Part 2

Back when the concept of multiclassing for Pillars of Eternity II: Deadfire was first introduced, we expected it to work in a way similar to the 3rd Edition of Dungeons & Dragons, where you're able to pick a new class upon leveling up. The latest Fig update informs us that this is not the case anymore, and multiclassing in Deadfire now resembles AD&D of the 2nd Edition variety – you pick two classes during character creation and as you level up you receive abilities of both those classes but at a slower rate than a single pure class.

And on top of that, each class will have at least three subclasses that offer additional character customization options, most of which can also be multiclassed. Here's a rather amusing video where Josh Sawyer tries to explain the intricacies of this new system without going completely insane:

You can read a bit more about the mechanics of multiclassing in the update itself, but here are all the currently planned subclasses:

  • Corpse Eater - Targets unconscious enemies to devour their flesh and gain power. Powers cost more to use.
  • Berserker - Has a more powerful Frenzy, but attacks can damage friends as well as foes while Frenzied.
  • Mage Slayer - Gains spell resistance and can disrupt enemy spells, but cannot use potions or scrolls and beneficial spells have shorter durations.
  • Beckoner - Summoning invocations are cheaper and summon more creatures, but the creatures are weaker.
  • Skald - Offensive invocations are cheaper and melee crits grant phrases, but all other invocations are more expensive.
  • Troubadour - Phrase linger is 50% longer, Brisk Recitation as a modal that increases the rate of phrase elapses, but shortens linger. All invocations are more expensive.
  • Ascendant - Powers and Soul Whip are more effective when used at Max Focus, but Focus drains quickly if left at Max for long.
  • Beguiler - Illusion powers are more powerful, but Soul Whip suffers when used against targets that are not vulnerable to Sneak Attack.
  • Soul Blade - Offensive cipher that can dump Focus into a Soul Annihilation melee attack for extra Raw damage. Shred powers have reduced Focus cost. Lower Max Focus.
  • Fury - Shift into storm blights and gain bonuses with elemental spells. Cannot cast Restoration spells.
  • Lifegiver - Rejuvenation spells are cast with increased Power Level but cannot cast Summon spells.
  • Shifter - Druid can shift to any animal form, once each, per combat and heals damage each time they shift back. Cannot cast spells while shifted.
  • Black Jacket - Bonus weapon proficiency, reduced Recovery when switching weapon, but lacks Constant Recovery.
  • Devoted - May only be proficient in a single weapon. Higher Penetration and crit damage with that weapon. Suffers Accuracy penalty when using other weapons.
  • Unbroken - Bonuses to Engagement and Disengagement Attacks, but lower Stride.
  • Helwalker - Begin all combats with Wounds, gain Might for every Wound. Wounds require more damage to acquire.
  • Nalpazca - Drug effects last longer and Wound cap is increased while under the effects of drugs. Penalties while not under the effect of drugs.
  • Shattered Pillar - Gain Wounds by inflicting damage with melee weapons (fists or otherwise). Lower Max Wound cap, does not gain Wounds from receiving damage.
  • Bleak Walkers - Flames of Devotion (Remember Rakhan Field) generates black flames and does Corrode damage. Healing given and received is reduced. - Cannot multiclass with priests of Eothas, Berath, or Skaen.
  • Darcozzi Paladini - Lay on Hands (Flames of Darcozzi Palace) creates a flame shield around the paladin. Lower Zeal power. - Cannot multiclass with priests of Berath, Magran, or Skaen.
  • Goldpact Knights - Sworn Enemy (Gilded Enmity) creates protective gold armor on the paladin. Cannot learn Zealous Auras. - Cannot multiclass with priests of Magran or Wael.
  • Kind Wayfarers - Flames of Devotion (Sword and the Shepherd) heals nearby allies. Does less damage against enemies vulnerable to Sneak Attack. - Cannot multiclass with priests of Berath, Magran, Wael, or Skaen.
  • Shieldbearers of St. Elcga - Lay on Hands (St. Elcga's Grace) prevents the target from being knocked out for a short duration. Cannot use Lay on Hands on self. - Cannot multiclass with priests of Skaen, Magran, or Wael.
  • Berath - Can learn Decay spells from the druid list, cannot learn Condemnation spells. - Cannot multiclass with Bleak Walker, Kind Wayfarer, or Darcozzi paladins.
  • Eothas - Can learn Elemental spells from the druid list, cannot learn Protection spells. - Cannot multiclass with Bleak Walker paladins.
  • Magran - Can learn Fire spells from the wizard list, cannot learn Restoration spells. - Cannot multiclass with Shieldbearer, Kind Wayfarer, Goldpact, or Darcozzi paladins.
  • Skaen - Can learn rogue offensive abilities as priest spells, cannot learn Inspiration spells. - Cannot multiclass with Shieldbearer, Bleak Walker, Kind Wayfarer, or Darcozzi paladins.
  • Wael - Can learn Illusion spells from the wizard list, cannot learn Punishment spells. - Cannot multiclass with Shieldbeaer, Kind Wayfarer, or Goldpact paladins.
  • Ghost Heart - Animal companion must be summoned as a spirit. They are not affected by Bonded Grief and the companion is more powerful, but the summon is limited duration.
  • Sharpshooter - Bonuses to Penetration and Accuracy at range, but slower actions and lower Deflection.
  • Stalker - Stalker and companion gain bonuses to Deflection and Armor Rating when close to each other, suffer Bonded Grief when too far apart.
  • Assassin - From stealth or invisibility, weapon attacks have bonus damage, Penetration, and Accuracy. All incoming damage is increased.
  • Streetfighter - Sneak Attack and crit damage increases when Flanked or Bloodied (<50% Health). Recovery is slower when neither Flanked nor Bloodied.
  • Trickster - Gains access to Illusion spells from the wizard list. Sneak Attack deals less damage.
  • Conjurer - Conjuration spells are more powerful, cannot cast Evocation or Illusion spells.
  • Enchanter - Enchantment spells are more powerful, cannot cast Illusion or Transmutation spells.
  • Evoker - Evocation spells are more powerful, cannot cast Transmutation or Conjuration spells.
  • Illusionist - Illusion spells are more powerful, cannot cast Conjuration or Enchanting spells.
  • Transmuter - Transmutation spells are more powerful, cannot cast Enchantment or Evocation spells.