The Iron Oath Successfully Funded on Kickstarter, $47,072 and Counting

The ongoing Kickstarter campaign for The Iron Oath, a gritty turn-based RPG with obvious D&D influences, has passed its funding goal of $45,000 and is currently sitting at $47,072 with 6 more days to go. And now that the base game is funded, we get to learn about the stretch goals that include a Guild Council, seafaring routes, and your personal upgradable ship. A bit more on that:

Guild Council($55K): Council members can be recruited from all over the world, but not all will be equal in ability. Each member will offer you advice and has a number of tasks that they can perform for the guild.

The Master at Arms is in charge of your warrior classes, he or she is able to train them either as a group or individually, and you can also send them on missions to various destinations to find promising new recruits. The Archmage functions in the same fashion, but is instead charged with your mages.

The Emissary is your guild’s chosen representative for improving your reputation with other factions. When assigned, they will slowly increase your reputation over time with the targeted faction. In addition, they will bring a variety of missions to your attention that the target requires assistance with, allowing you to further increase your reputation and get rewarded in the process.

The Master of Intrigue is your main advisor and functions as your eyes and ears throughout the land. They will bring important matters to your attention that you may otherwise never hear about(such as a plot to kill a liege) in addition to any unsubstantiated rumors that may be worth looking into. They also have the ability to disrupt relations between factions of your choosing, potentially providing the spark that leads to an all out war.

As a bonus, when a character of yours retires from active duty, you will be given the chance to keep them around by offering them a position on your council. If their loyalty rating is high enough, they will likely accept the job.

Sea Travel & Encounters($65K): Every major coastal city will be given a port from which they can trade and send troops along numerous sea-routes. You can pay for passage across these routes in order to save time, but much like on land, there is a possibility of Encounters. Many different types of sea encounters exist, such as being boarded by pirates(in which combat will take place on the ship’s deck), spotting a tradeship, or even crossing paths with an entire fleet.

Purchase your own vessel($70K): If you gather enough coin, you may purchase a vessel of your own to do with what you wish. The ship will act as a separate unit for you to command in the overworld. You may leave it behind at a port while you continue on land, and order it around the map as you see fit. Paying for its crew, upgrades, and maintenance can get costly. Fortunately, owning a vessel will also present some unique opportunities for you to profit. A merchant may approach you and offer payment to transport their goods across the sea, or a family seeking refuge in a new city may pay for passage.

If you so desire, you can turn to piracy on the high seas, stalking trading lanes and taking what you want by force. Being branded as pirates will have its own set of consequences(and opportunities) however, so you best be prepared to deal with them.

$85K: This stretch goal will be revealed once the Guild Council is unlocked!

And if you'd like to learn more about this upcoming title, we've covered some of the campaign updates already, and the ones that have gone up since then talk about the monk-like Grappler class, character progression (Part 1, Part 2), the game's animations, and character customization, so feel free to check them out.