The Elder Scrolls Online Horns of the Reach DLC Released

Horns of the Reach, the first piece of DLC for The Elder Scrolls Online since the release of the Morrowind expansion back in June, is now available on PC and Mac via the in-game Crown Store for what amounts to roughly $15. Those who purchase Horns of the Reach will be able to play through two new dungeons – Falkreath Hold and Bloodroot Forge and find some new items. The DLC is expected to arrive to PlayStation 4 and Xbox One on August 29, 2017.

The paid part of the Horns of the Reach DLC is accompanied by a free base game update with a focus on quality of life improvements and the PVP aspects of the game. Here's a preview of what this Update 15 has in store for the players:


Combat Cues Settings

Combat Cue customization has now been added to the in-game Settings, allowing you to customize the colors associated with the different in-game combat cues. This setting will be especially useful to those players who have trouble identifying certain colors in game, but anybody can edit and customize the combat cues however they see fit, including color and brightness for both friendly and enemy indicators.

To customize your Combat Cues, navigate to Settings, then select Gameplay and find Combat Cues and Custom Colors under the Combat section.

Alliance Point and Writ Voucher Storage

If you're a PvP player or a master crafter, you will now be able to store your Alliance Points or Writ Vouchers in your bank. This means you can share both AP and your Writ Vouchers with any of your other characters on your account. To store these items, visit a banker and use the Deposit Currency option. Note that while you can store and transfer AP between characters on an account, a character's Alliance Rank or progress in Alliance War Skill Lines will not transfer.

When you wish to withdraw Alliance Points or Writ Vouchers, you can do so from the Withdraw Currency option as if withdrawing Gold or Tel Var Stones.


Invite History

Guild management has been improved with the addition of the guild invite history function. This will allow Guildmasters and other members to check who within their guild invited who, helping leaders better manage their (often very large) rosters.

To access the guild invite history, open the Guild menu and navigate to History, then select Roster.

New Guild Rank Permission

A new permission has also been added to the Guild ranking system that enables Guildmasters to dictate whether or not a guild member can view their guild's current bank funds. This will allow them to keep their guild finances as secret or as open as they'd like.

We know that this was a highly requested feature from many of our trading guilds, so we're very happy to finally make it available. Guild leaders can set the View Guild Bank Gold permission in their Guild's Ranks menu.


Research Cancelling

Ever wished you could cancel some crafting research to free up the spot for a different one? Now you can! Research cancelling allows you to immediately and unceremoniously cancel any in-progress research. Note that if you cancel some research, the item that was destroyed to begin the process will not be restored to you, so choose carefully!

To cancel some currently-in-progress research, use a Crafting Station and navigate to the Research menu, find the item you wish to cancel, select Cancel Research, and finally confirm. You will then be able to research a different Trait!

Equipped Item Improvements

No longer do you have to get naked to improve your equipped gear. With Update 15, you will now be able to improve any currently-equipped items right then and there, and will find equipped items in the improvements crafting menu.

If on PC, equipped items will be indicated with a checkmark in the Improvement menu, and if on console (PlayStation 4 and Xbox One) they will be under the “Equipped" section for the item type.