Obsidian Asks for Input on Their New Online Hub

A post from Obsidian Entertainment's community manager on the official Obsidian forums asks for thoughts and ideas on how to better unify and consolidate their presence across a multitude of social media platforms into one big online hub. From the looks of it, this move is aimed at providing better visibility for Pillars of Eternity II: Deadfire, when it releases in 2018. Check out the post itself, and maybe drop them a line if you have some great idea:

Dear denizens, trolls, long-timers and new-timers,

To say that the history of the community has been filled with joys and challenges, losses and discoveries, perhaps goes without saying. We, nonetheless, never want to take you all for granted. Whether it has been games for which we have designed for other publishers or our own titles, such as contained within the World of Eternity, you - our community of supporters and fans, beta testers and creative companions – have, do and shall help us continue to make great gaming experiences: of this we have no doubt!

As we begin to anticipate the milestone launch of Pillars of Eternity II: Deadfire in 2018, we are beginning to dream dreams. One of those is an integrated online hub that brings together the fragmented nature of our social media presence. W are dreaming of an interface that brings together the following OBS' presence into a coherent ecosystem: As we embark on this new phase, we invite you to share with us your thoughts and insights of what you have experienced as prime examples of well-integrated online communities – especially those that reflect multiple entry and access points throughout social media. What could we add to this dreaming that would make such an experience not just okay or good, but great!

We are not sure we can include all of our dreams initially, need alone those which we know you will offer. We are certain, however, as we have learned with your - our community of supporters and advocates - that taking these steps together not only helps OBS continue to make great gaming experiences, but explicitly reflects that you help us be who we are! For that we have been, are and shall be ever so grateful!

So, please do post your thoughts and ideas below. Post links – share concept ideas! Contact us through Facebook, Twitter, or PM Fionavar. We hope to launch a new online ecosystem to coincide with the launch of Deadfire in 2018 and with your support and engagement, we know it will be awesome!

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