Pathfinder: Kingmaker Update #35

The latest post-funding update for Pathfinder: Kingmaker assures us that we'll be getting regular development updates until the game comes out, and immediately introduces us to one of the game's possible companions – Amiri the Barbarian. Amiri is one of Pathfinder's iconic characters and those familiar with the setting should know her well. And for those of us who aren't, here's what Amiri is all about:

Far to the north lies the deep-frozen Realm of the Mammoth Lords — the homeland of primordial megafauna and equally primordial nomads. The people who live there are savages even by the standards of other barbarian tribes — life in this harsh climate leaves little place for anything beyond survival. Unlike Numeria, where women stand equal with men, here they are reduced to servants, preoccupied with raising children, making food and sewing clothes while men occupy the positions of chieftains, priests, warriors and hunters. These are the rules — but no rules can stop the fiery spirit burning in a true barbarian's heart. Amiri proved it by revolting against the miserable life her tribe has offered her, and becoming a fearsome warrior. Her triumph was rewarded with hatred, ridicule and, ultimately, an exile. She left her homeland and went to search for her destiny, never looking back.

If you have played the table-top version of Pathfinder RPG, then you are already familiar with Amiri, the iconic Barbarian. You might have met her — or maybe even played as her! — in one of the many Adventure Paths, watching her career as she went up to the top level. In the Pathfinder: Kingmaker CRPG we offer a new chapter of her journey, from the moment when she, a young Barbarian fresh from the North, joined an ambitious expedition to the Stolen Lands. What will she meet along the path? Will her past catch up to her, and how will she deal with it? You'll be there to see for yourself, and leave your mark on her destiny.

As a true barbarian, Amiri shuns heavy armor, rushing into battle armed with an enormous sword — a memento from her motherland — and her wild, unbridled rage. While her more fragile allies attack from afar with arrows and magic spells, she hurries to the frontline, with just one strategy in mind: do as much damage as possible, and beat the enemies to a pulp before they get a chance to do the same to her. "I'll survive. I always survive" is her motto, and so far it has never failed her.

If you decide to rely on Amiri's help in ruling your kingdom, don't expect any insightful advice — instead, make use of her muscle power, agility and phenomenal endurance. Moderately loyal and not too scrupulous, she'll make a great peacekeeper, or a formidable enforcer, depending on your governing style.