Unknown Realm: The Siege Perilous Kickstarter Update #27

Following its successful funding on Kickstarter, the team at Stirring Dragon Games took their wonderfully 8-bit CRPG Unknown Realm: The Siege Perilous over to Megafounder to raise some more coin. They've taken in a total of $134,972 to date now, and since there are now only sixteen Collector's Edition boxes left, they've also posted a 27th update to Kickstarter alerting everyone to this final supply. Oh, and there are some new add-ons:
Just a quick crowdfunding update... we mentioned we would be posting some new in-game add-ons for you on Megafounder before we wind down that campaign. We plan on closing down the Megafounder campaign on July 24, at which time we’ll finalize our numbers for production and manufacturing.

If you’ve been secretly wishing you pledged for a Ziplock Bag Edition or the Collector’s Edition Box instead of an all-digital tier, now is your last chance to remedy that problem. ;-) There are only 16 PC Collector's Edition boxes left and then these feelies will be gone for good.

The new in-game content add-on tiers are live on Megafounder now. These include Dungeon Master, Create a Monster, NPC Portrait, and Name a Mountain.(These add-ons are available exclusively for new and existing Ziplock Bag or Boxed Edition backers.)