Phoenix Point Update #18, $755,286 and Counting

The Phoenix Point Fig campaign is in its final hours. The total amount of money gathered with roughly 6 hours left to go is $755,286, which means that with a bit of a push and some late backers, the second, $850,000 stretch goal seems doable.

Yesterday, Julain Gollop answered a whole heap of questions on UnstableVoltage's YouTube livestream, and if you don't want to watch an hour long video to find out what was said there, this Reddit post provides a comprehensive summary. A few snippets:

Q: If you ally yourself with Anu, can you get one of those blimps?
JG: Yes, you can get vehicles from other factions.

Q: The level in the demo is quite flat. Is there a plan to include more verticality?
JG: Yes. There will be multilevel terrain and buildings.

Q: The animations (soldiers specifically) aren’t final, right? They look very stiff, especially coming off of XCom 2
JG: Animations aren’t final by any means.

Q: Will there be MECHs?
JG: Well, there will be automated weapons platforms.

Q: How will return fire work? Will all enemies get a free shot at you every time you fire at them?
JG: Some weapons can allow return fire so long as the character has the ability to do it. Return fire is usually much less effective than your normal fire.

Q: So return fire is a speciality that will have to be acquired?
JG: Yes.

Q: Return fire does half-damage, right?
JG: At the moment, it’s half.

Q: Julian, you didn’t get the stretch goals with naval bases and underwater missions, but could they appear in the future as DLC if the game will be successful?
JG: They could be DLC, yes.


Q: How much of the game is completed (in %)?
JG: Completion % is about 15%

Q: Will bosses change in response to your tactics like the common grunts, or are they fixed?
JG: Yes, bosses have multiple mutation variations.

Q: Will there be an officer system?
JG: There won’t be an officer system.

Q: Will I be able to write backstories for soldiers in game?
JG: Yes, you will be able to write bios.
AS: We’ve been having discussions on the soldier backgrounds. If you want to write them, we want to make sure you can fit them into the mythos.

Q: Is there a plan for any kind of specialised ammunition in the game?
JG: Yes, there will be specialised ammo.

Q: For that matter, will weapons track ammunition usage in the final game?
JG: Weapons will track ammo usage.


Q: Will there be an option to “auto resolve” missions, or will the player have to manage each one?
JG: Not sure about auto-resolve yet.

Q: Here’s a lore question. Is there going to be an occult side to the game or is it all science(-fiction)?
JG: It is science fiction. With a healthy dose of cultish beliefs and practices.

Q: Are you planning to have fixed or per-class stat improvements when you level or a point-based system that we can customise?
JG: It will be a point based system with a skill tree.

Q: If the enemy shoots and destroys, say, a flamer’s fuel tank, is it a guarantee that you’re going up in flames or just a chance?
JG: Just a chance.

Q: Is there going to be a trophy room, to hang the heads of the aliens you’ve killed?
JG: Trophy room could get rather large with all the different mutations.

Q: How will customisation work? If you get new armour, could you still wear the old one as cosmetic?
JG: Armour is based on components that cover various body parts – a bit like X-Com: Apocalypse. Realistic ballistics system will be based on X-Com: Apocalypse algorithms.

Q: Would be it possible to pick up shot-off shield arms to use as semi portable cover?
JG: Interesting idea!

Q: Will there be a “UFOpaedia”?
JG: “UFOpaedia” will be a thing.

Q: The layout of the bases are vertical (new XCom) or horizontal (old X-Com)?
JG: Bases are old X-Com style.

Additionally, the latest Fig update announced that UnstabeVoltage will be joining Snapshot Games as a community manager. He will facilitate two-way communication between the dev team and the backers. The update also brought us a new piece of concept art, and three new short stories: Towards Freedom, Harbinger, and Dotada.