Phoenix Point Update #15, $656,926 and Counting

The latest Fig update for Phoenix Point informs us that the project's first stretch goal has been reached. This means we'll get a chance to field some armored vehicles alongside infantry during the game's missions.

With the $650k goal reached, a new one was announced. If the campaign manages to gather $1.2m in pledges and investment, the game will feature underwater missions. Terror From the Deep may have been just a reskin, but it was an atmospheric one, for sure.

Here's what you can expect there:

New Stretch Goal - Underwater Missions

We are pleased to announce our new stretch goal for underwater missions, which will be achieved when we reach $1,200,000 in pledges and investment. With this major new feature, you will be able to take the fight to the home territory of the alien mutants. Equip your soldiers with special underwater armor, weapons and vehicles and head into the depths of the oceans. There you will fight unimaginable horrors and breach the huge, alien structures growing up from the sea floor. You will discover the origin of the mist that has enveloped the earth in its deadly embrace.

This represents a major addition to the game with a whole raft of new content and a new type of battle experience. It’s a big stretch, but if fits perfectly with our ambition for this game.