Scalebound Trademark Renewed

It came as a surprise to many when Microsoft's dragon-themed action-RPG Scalebound was cancelled. But now it seems that this wasn't the end of that story. The folks at WCCF Tech noticed that Microsoft has recently renewed the trademark for Scalebound, and this led to speculations that the game's development may have resumed as well. Unconfirmed rumors suggest that the project is being remade from the ground up by a team “close” to Microsoft. Check it out:

Microsoft has recently renewed the rights to the Scalebound trademark, and development might be well resumed.

Scalebound, initially developed by PlatinumGames, was canceled earlier this year. The exact reason for the game’s cancellation is unknown, but Microsoft’s Phil Spencer stated that the result is better for Xbox gamers in general. “Difficult decision, we believe result is better 4 Xbox gamers, still disappointing”, he tweeted back in January.

Microsoft didn’t comment on whether development on the action RPG would be continued, but a recent trademark renewal suggests that Microsoft has something up its sleeve.

The Scalebound trademark was granted a second extension, and recent rumors suggest that development on the game is being resumed by a team “close” to Microsoft.

While the IP appears to be alive, it seems that the project is being remade from the ground up.

The original Scalebound revolved around Drew and his dragon companion, Thuban. Players would explore the dangerous world of Draconis.

As with all rumors, take the information above with a grain of salt for now.