Phoenix Point Update #11, $601,413, and Counting

As the Fig campaign for Julian Gollop's Phoenix Point climbs to that first $650,000 stretch goal, we get a glimpse of the Floating Base that hides behind the elusive $850,000 goal. Additionally, the campaign's FAQ has been updated:

How will the shooting work? Will it have more realistic ballistics simulation?

Currently we have a system similar to modern XCOMs. We will soon prototype a more simulated ballistics system, but we have to solve some interface/feedback issues. The player needs to have a some idea of what kind of damage might be expected from a particular position. The cover system will obviously be different, and it also needs to integrate with the hit location system. We have a plan, so we will see how well it works.

How will stealth work? Aside from silenced weapons like the crossbow, are there any other mechanics?

We have a design for this, although it is not currently implemented or tested. The system is based on detection ranges based on a character’s perception attribute modified by equipment and abilities. Various abilities and tech may reduce those ranges. You will be able to see detection ranges for known enemies. Normally, using a weapon will make a character spotted, but stealth weapons negate this.

Is the map randomly generated?

The battle maps will be generated using randomly selected, pre-designed components as in original X-COM and XCOM 2. We will add variable positioning of obstacles, such as barriers and vehicles. Additionally, locations may have already suffered significant battle damage before your squad arrives, creating more of an appearance of a war zone.

How will research work? Will there be a UFOpedia like classic X-COM?

Research will be based on a tech tree which will be revealed as the game is played. Each of the factions possesses some unique tech at the start of the game, and they will engage in their own research and development. You can acquire their tech, and there will be some unique options for the player based on combined tech from two or more factions. There will be a UFOpedia style database which you can access any time.

What are the estimated system requirements?

We cannot say for sure yet, but we realise this is a concern for many players. The requirements definitely won’t be too onerous, and there will plenty of options to optimise performance to run on lower end machines.

And, there's the a new short story - Hafgufu.