Pantheon: Rise of the Fallen Development Update

In a post on their Kickstarter page, developer Visionary Realms describes how progress on their MMORPG Pantheon: Rise of the Fallen has picked up steam despite earlier funding problems, with the game already being in a playable state. From the post:

Start up companies are hard and we, like many, had a bit of a rocky start. But through persistence, stubbornness, and all of the support so many of you gave us via encouraging emails, supportive posts, and more, we tenaciously kept the ball rolling, continued developing the game, and have grown the team to over 15 developers! While the initial funding goal wasn't met, over the last couple of years we've brought in much more than that first goal from both people pledging money on our site as well as seed funding. We now have a very playable and fun game -- in fact, if you haven't already, please click below and check out our latest screenshots in 4k resolution and further below to view the latest live stream of the game -- I think you'll be pleasantly surprised with how much we've been able to accomplish and showcase -- a wide variety of screenshots and almost 3 hours worth of live video!

Visionary Realms recently released some new media on their site, showcasing the interactive nature of the game’s challenges, and the need for player preparation. To further illustrate these features, the Kickstarter post gives us a detailed glimpse into the sprawling dungeon called Amberfaet:

When you explore it, you'll want to come prepared. Frigid atmosphere will require you to collect and use situational gear -- in this case, armor that specifically protects you from the bitter cold. As you adventure further in you'll discover you need even more tools at your disposal -- in order to reach the top of the dungeon you'll have to climb vertical faces. That means being prepared with both a healthy climbing skill as well as items necessary for your accent. Other dungeons have areas of complete darkness, or rooms that are silenced requiring your casters to gesture their spells instead of voicing them. Sections of these dangerous locations could be void of air or deep underwater -- another challenge to overcome. In Pantheon you'll need to collect a variety of magical items which means moving around the world and being rewarded for exploring. The same is true for the more powerful spells and abilities -- you may need to find a wise sage or lonely hermit in the depths of a dungeon or at the top of a frightening tower and learn a specific ability from them. In Pantheon there is rarely a situation where at a certain level there is always one weapon or one piece of armor that is the best; rather you'll need to come prepared based on where you want to go, who you are with, and what items and tactics might be necessary in order to defeat that rare spawn in the next room.

Pantheon: Rise of the Fallen is due to be released sometime in 2017.