Moonfall Hits Steam Greenlight Program

It's been quite a while since we brought you news of Fishcow Studio's side-scrolling action RPG Moonfall, so it's nice to see that the game has made its way to Steam Greenlight and is shaping up for a release on PC and consoles in the not-too-distant future. Check out the latest trailer to get a better sense of how it will play:

And here's an excerpt from the description on the Steam Greenlight profile page:
Moonfall is designed to have open-ended levels with various paths, which can be chosen by the player to continue his journey. Every level is divided into several rooms that frequently contain several exits leading to different rooms. Moonfall is a game that has some elements of the metroidvania genre giving players a feeling of freedom.

Levels contain mainly enemies, whom players have to fight in order to proceed and various kinds of enviromental hazards that can hurt the player or cause negative status effects for a certain period of time.

The game includes a real time combat system. The enemies’ AI cooperate in a joint effort to complicate the player’s progress. Different combat situations arise depending on the player’s choices. There is an option to block attacks with the equipped weapon or various shields. Percentage of the blocked damage depends on the weapon/shield which the player is guarding with. By performing two uninterrupted hits on an enemy, the third one is a combo hit with a damage bonus.

A player has various choices how to deal with battle clashes. Either he focuses on guarding and efforts to separate the enemies from each others to kill them much easier one after another, or he uses skills that hit several enemies at the same time. A suitable strategy is the key to success as lingering for too long amongst some of the enemies can lead to a premature death.

The game’s RPG system focuses on increasing the character’s abilities through ability points designated for the development of talents and skills. It is based on the traditional style of filling an experience indicator after killing enemies and completing quests. The ability points can be assigned into three talents – strength, mind power and agility – while each of them affects different attributes of the game character. At the beginning of the game the player is asked to choose one of three classes, while each class has four different active abilities and six supporting abilities that can be improved further.

In addition to a singleplayer campaign, various multiplayer modes are planned for the game. At launch the game should provide local multiplayer modes like PvP arenas or spawning enemies in waves. Online multiplayer is planned as a free update in the future.