Expeditions: Viking Final Beta and More

The February Expeditions: Viking newsletter is filled with pre-release excitement. First, it details Logic Artists' experience at the recent PC Gamer Weekender with a bunch of photos and a few videos. Then, there's an announcement that prior to the game's release on April 27, 2017, the game will go into the third and final Beta session on March 15. And finally, filled with clarifying GIFs, a skill highlight for spears is present and accounted for. An excerpt:

Final Beta Countdown

Great news! The third and final beta session is kicking off March 15th and if you're reading this newsletter guess what? You're signed up for it. We will send out an email on the 15th where everyone will receive their steam codes and the build will come online in the evening. The beta will run for a few weeks and we hope that you will all join us on steam to try out a whole lot of new content in the second campaign.

If any of you out there are interested in streaming or making youtube videos during the beta, feel free! But please wait until the second week to start your vids so we have a chance to resolve any prominent bugs or issues before you get started.

Should you know someone who you think would love to play Expeditions: Viking give them the chance by referring them to our website where they can sign up to our mailing list, which includes the Newsletter and Beta access!

Stick 'em with the pointy end!

We thought that this month we'd showcase for you, the skill highlights of another two-handed weapon available in Expeditions: Viking, the Spear.

Enjoy the benefits of poking people with a sharp object without all the hassle of having to stand close enough for them to poke you back. As with most weapons, investing skill points to level the Spear will reward players with a total of 3 unique combat abilities:

Extend - at Rank 1, Extend is an attack action which allows battlefield tacticians to go where no melee weapon has gone before, granting players melee attacks with a three hex reach, though at 75% or regular damage.

Smack - Sometimes despite your best efforts enemies will get inconsiderately close to your charaters. When that happen's those with Spear Rank 3 will be able to gracefully swat an adjacent target up side their head with the blunt end of the spear. This will count as an attack at 50% regular damage and will make the target Concussed (Endurance -3). The player's unit will then take a step one hex back without provoking Attack of Opportunity.

Distract - at Spear Rank 5 the Distract ability allows a character to draw the attention of an enemy and neutralizes the Attack of Opportunity of that Enemy. It will only work on targets that are exactly two hexes away.