Mass Effect: Andromeda - Mike Gamble on Combat and Classes

BioWare producer Mike Gamble talks about the changes to Mass Effect: Andromeda's combat and character systems compared to the previous installments in this four-minute IGN video.

Despite its short length, the video is packed with bits and pieces of information about the upcoming game. I may not agree with Gamble's claim that combat got progressively better throughout the series, but what we see in the video is a clear step in the right direction. The cover shooting that isn't going anywhere looks more natural and organic, there's more freedom and mobility in combat, players are getting the opportunity to craft their weapons, customize them with mods and ammo types, and use consumables.

Gamble also advocates the ability to respec on the fly, and that it supposedly improves the overall experience. While, again, I find it hard to agree with such a claim, he then follows it up with a mention of custom classes, where players can mix and match the abilities of various “profiles” to create something tailored to their playstyle, and that to me is always fun.

Here's a YouTube mirror of the video in case you have issues with IGN's player.