Pillars of Eternity II: Deadfire Update #17, $3,794,904 and Counting

There has been a surge of funding interest as we cross into the final 24 hours of the Fig campaign for Pillars of Eternity II: Deadfire, and to drum up even further interest, there's a 17th update to take in. Hit it up for some concept art for constructs, more information about Ydwin, details on a new $4.25 stretch goal that'll add an intelligent soulbound weapon to the game if it's reached, and more:
We wanted to give you more detail on our potential 8th companion and current sidekick Ydwin, the Pale Elf. An image of her appears above, giving you some sense of what she'll look like, but we've got a more detailed description of how should could be fleshed out as a complete companion in Pillars II, courtesy of Narrative Designer Carrie Patel, as well:

Ydwin, our eighth and final companion (we hope!), is a pale elf rogue/cipher with extensive training as an animancer. She was born in a remote, lawless settlement in the White that Wends, where she witnessed the cruelest extremes of kith and nature. Her observations fueled a fascination with animancy, and she eventually made her way to the Vailian Republics to study. She's since become an accomplished master in the field, and advances with luminous adra in the Deadfire have drawn her to the archipelago.

Let's push hard to unlock Ydwin and get her into the game!

$4.25 Million Stretch Goal - Intelligent Soulbound Weapon

Finally, since we're closing in minute by minute on the incredible goal of $4 million, we thought it would only be fair if we included some information on our stretch goal at $4.25, which will get us one step closer to unlocking Ydwin!

Our love for talking weapons goes back long ago, to our days playing pen and paper games, and we have fond memories of Lilarcor from Baldur's Gate II. Now it's time for our own talking, intelligent weapon in Pillars of Eternity II: Deadfire! This stretch goal at $4.25 million will add a soulbound weapon, which is infused with a personality that can speak to you throughout your adventure.