Pillars of Eternity II: Deadfire Updates #10-12, $2,602,459 and Counting

There have been a few more updates to the Pillars of Eternity II: Deadfire campaign over the past week, with the latest entries revealing plans for a Pillars of Eternity tabletop RPG, cranking out new developer videos on audio and graphics, talking about their New Game+ plans, and more. Let's start with the new videos:

And then grab an excerpt or two from the latest update (#12):

Amazing! We've hit the $2.6 million and unlocked Berath's Blessing. As a reminder, Berath's Blessing is our version of New Game+ that features optional bonuses and challenges that unlock as you gain achievements. The next goal at $2.8 million adds a full orchestra soundtrack, an increased level cap, and one more sub-class per class. Thank you so much for the continued support. We still have a lot of announcements and amazing things to show off in the next two weeks, and in addition to the companion introductions, we will be unveiling the $3.0 million stretch goal in tomorrow's (Valentine's Day!) update too.


This weekend we hit 22,000 backers meaning that the next leg of Fulvano's Voyage is unveiled! The next leg will be reached at 23,500 backers. In addition we will be unlocking a new leg if we hit 15,000 likes on the Pillars of Eternity Facebook or 5000 followers on the Pillars of Eternity Twitter, whichever comes first! Spread the word of the Fig campaign and let's travel with Fulvano together! As of today (Feb 13th), Fulvano has made it almost half-way there and this hidden isle is hinted at upon the horizon.

Upon discovering Dunnage, Fulvano wrote these notes in his journal:

"When the Príncipi sen Patrena needed a waypoint, trading post,and hub of merriment in the desolate waters of Deadfire, the settlement of Dunnage was the only natural conclusion. The temporary, shoved-together structures are a mockery of urban planning. Dunnage is a refuge where thieves and backstabbers alike can put their feet up and trade coin, goods, and tall tales."