Jon Van Caneghem Video Interviews: Might and Magic, and Creature Quest

There are now two roughly thrity-minute segments of Matt Barton's Matt Chat series where he talks with the creator of Might and Magic and Heroes of Might and Magic series, Jon Van Caneghem. The first part is mostly focused on the new Jon Van Caneghem's project for mobile devices – Creature Quest. It's interesting to hear the perspective of an old-school developer toward this new type of gaming, and how making these small mobile projects is oddly reminiscent of the early PC-development days:

Building on that initial entry, the second part goes over the history of Might and Magic games, including the Heroes series and the unreleased Might and Magic Online project. Near the end there are some hints that JVC might be open to reclaiming the rights to the Might and Magic IP from Ubisoft at some point, which to me sounds like amazing news, no matter how realistic:

Heroes of Might and Magic II was the first computer game that really sucked me in and made me scour all the nearby stores and libraries for the slightest bit of information about it, and Heroes III is the one game that had not left my hard drives ever since it first appeared in 1999. Listening to the man who created those games is quite illuminating.