GB Feature: Tyranny Review

As Obsidian Entertainment's latest role-playing endeavor, Tyranny, has been consuming the lion's share of our free time recently, it only seemed appropriate to pen our impressions in a full, four-page review. A couple of paragraphs to start you off:

The game still uses 2D maps, and so you still get an isometric view of your party. It also means that you're allowed to zoom the view in or out, but there isn't any way to rotate the camera. All commands can be given using the mouse or configurable hotkeys, and you can even queue up commands by pressing the shift key, so it's easy to jump in and start playing the game -- which is good since Tyranny, like so many other games recently, doesn't come with a manual.

But probably the nicest thing about the interface is the tooltips, including tooltips during dialogue. If you're talking to somebody and they mention a person or a place, then you can hover the mouse over the name in the text and get some information about it, which is great when you're learning what's going on. There are even context-sensitive tooltips, where the text might have a specific meaning to your character. I loved the tooltips, and I hope it's something that other developers add to their games.