Mass Effect: Andromeda Overhauls Combat and Progression, Story Details

The first concrete info on Mass Effect: Andromeda comes our way via a detailed summary on the GameInformer cover feature provided by NeoGAF user Shinobi602. From the feature, we learn that Mass Effect: Andromeda will feature a classless system (powers can now be mixed and matched, though class-like "profiles" that provide bonuses can also be unlocked) and overhauled combat, thanks to dynamic cover, a jetpack that can be used to survey the scene, individual cooldowns for abilities, and the addition of new melee weapons.

The game will also feature more open planets, seamless transitions from ship to planet and viceversa, and mechanics similar to Inquisition, with "foothold zones" places on planets much like Inquisition camps, and scanning for things in the environments that will allow the Pathfinder (the game's protagonist) to unlock new technologies. Finally, there's going to be a multiplayer mode similar to Mass Effect 3's, but this time BioWare plans to release crafted missions with unique modifiers specifically for this mode, and this mode won't affect the ending of the game in any way.

Plot-wise, the game will see the Ark created to shepherd humanity to the Andromeda galaxy will be separated from the others and will see humanity deal with a new alien race called the "Kett". The writers apparently want the players to empathize with this race and are also confident that the story won't simply fit the mold of the Campbellian Hero's Journey, due to a plot thread tied to the Ryder family that can be unveiled throughout the game.

There's more information over at the NeoGAF thread, which I invite you to read if you're interested in the game, but those seemed like the most salient points to me.