Dark Souls III: Ashes of Ariandel DLC PvP Preview Videos

A number of publications and prominent livestreamers and video makers have been invited to Bandai Namco's headquarters to record some gameplay from the PvP arena added by Ashes of Ariandel, the upcoming DLC for Dark Souls III. While the videos, by themselves, don't include any location or enemy from the DLC, some people could find the new items and item description to be inherently spoiler-y. As such, I'd exercise caution when watching these videos.

VaatiVidya has some commentary:

Pretty aptly named channel PvPSkillz has probably the most comprehensive (and also spoiler-y) video of this bunch:

GameSpot has a short video:

While IGN has 20 minutes of footage. It's a pretty casual video played by someone who doesn't seem completely familiar with Dark Souls 3's specific mechanics, though:

Finally, livestreamer Peeve Peeverson (yes, that's his username) has a 24-minute video: