Jumping Back in to Dark Souls III

Having returned to the RPG threequel after a several-month hiatus, the editors at Reel Gaming Talk are offering up a location-by-location analysis of Dark Souls III, which also includes coverage of its many enemies and bosses, recommended strategies, and legendary difficulty. A sampling:

Untended Graves:

The Cemetery of Ash copy is a testament to how far I’ve come as a ‘Souls’ player. The first area of the game, I struggled with and it took me a few times to get back it. But this time, I breezed through it with ease. Then there’s Champion Gyndr. I’ll always enjoy Index Gyndr because he was my first boss I defeated in Dark Souls, and Champion was a copy of one of my favorite fights of the game. He’s aggressive, hits hard, absolutely doesn’t leave time for error, nor does he forgive a missed move. This fight, just like Dragon Slayer Armor fight, is what Dark Souls is all about, smart tactics, smart weapon swings, and smart dodge rolls. His kick got me at least 4 times, but I got him first attempt on both NG and NG+, loved this fight, and I loved the level that showed me how far I had come in my Souls series.

Archdragon Peak:

I have a VERY love hate relationship with this area. It’s supposed to be the last area of the game, which is why it’s so difficult. The enemies are relentless and the set up is magnificent. The first time you encounter the enemies, they are just like they were in Irithyll, brutal and non stop pain. They attack and swarm quickly, and they all stagger and hit extremely hard. They take a lot of damage as well, but most importantly, they fight as a team. Then there’s The Nameless King. I died to this guy 31 times before I beat him, mostly because my stats weren’t high enough and I didn’t have the right equipment. On NG+, I had my Dragon Slayer Shield and it was money against him, first try I took him down. But this is by far, not even close, unequivocally the hardest boss fight I’ve ever had in any game. He’s a mixture of Champion Gyndr, and Dragon Slayer. He hits hard, doesn’t let you make mistakes, doesn’t forgive it when you do, and won’t hesitate to use every different move set to take you out. Beating him, felt the most satisfying of all the bosses.