Divinity: Original Sin II Update #25: Character Creation and Attribute System

Larian Studios has released a new Kickstarter update for Divinity: Original Sin II that showcases the game's new character creation and attribute systems. For the most part, it looks like a natural progression of Divinity: Original Sin's own take on the systems, though with a few added twists that I'm really curious to see in the final game, like the ability to choose the character's own signature instrument that will be worked out in the soundtrack during key story moments.

Here's an excerpt on the new attributes:

Memory is a new stat (and the one Nick is most excited about!). It takes Memory to memorize skills ... and only a limited amount of skills can be memorized at any one time. Your magical library will build skill by skill throughout the game, so investing in Memory will make you more flexible and adaptive on the battlefield. More powerful skills also demand a higher level of memory, so you’ll need to elegantly balance your available Memory against your combat needs. But don’t worry, you can always access skill selection outside of combat.

Strength helps fighters with melee weapons. It makes it easier to wear heavy armor, and improves warfare skills.

Finesse is for those who want to use bows, crossbows and daggers - the rogues, the rangers, all those sneaky folks. It improves hunting abilities, rogue abilities and gives a chance to dodge.

Intelligence mostly helps mages. It improves the power of staffs, wands and most elemental skills.

Constitution is useful for vitality. Sage Nick says you should never skip upgrading it, as it can make your life a lot easier (and hopefully longer).

Wits boost critical chance, helping to reveal secrets and traps and allowing you to maneuver more skilfully in tricky social situations. Wits also determine initiative and help with persuasion.

Secondary Attributes:

Physical Armor
  • Physical Armor protects from physical damage. One Physical Armor point absorbs one point of physical damage.
  • As long as Physical Armor is above zero, physical statuses like Knocked Down, Crippled, and Bleeding will not take effect.
  • Physical Armor automatically regenerates out of combat.
Magic Armor
  • Magic Armor protects from elemental damage; i.e. damage from fire, water, air, earth or poison. One Magic Armor point absorbs one point of elemental damage. Elemental resistances apply before armor protection is applied.
  • As long as Magic Armor is above zero, magical statuses like Stun or Burning will not take effect.
  • Magic Armor automatically regenerates out of combat.
Memory Slots
  • Memory Slots determine the number and quality of skills you can use at the same time.
  • It is possible to learn every skill that you encounter in-game, but you can only keep a handful of them active at the same time. Outside of combat, characters can organize their active skills to prepare for their next encounter. The more powerful the skill is, the more Memory Slots required.

And the customary video update from CEO Swen Vincke:

We should also be getting new info soon, as the company is currently launching a press tour to promote the game.