The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt - Blood and Wine Reviews

In the event that you're somehow still on the fence about whether or not to pick up CD Projekt RED's Blood and Wine expansion for The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt, these latest reviews may finally put you over.

AusGamers gives it a 10/10:

Emphatically, I’d love to plead a case to the studio that The Witcher needs to live on in some form from here on out, and I may explore this later, but such is the impact this entire product has had on me that I just don’t want to see it go. I’m not even done with this new content, and there’s that enticing New Game + option, along with the 100 level cap, and plenty of decisions and a different ending I never experienced in the vanilla game, but even so it saddens me to know this is it, for now, with the adventures of Geralt of Rivia, the White Wolf.

PlayStation Universe gives it a 9.5/10:

The Witcher 3: Blood and Wine is a great sendoff, not only to Geralt, but to the Witcher franchise as well. CD Projekt Red have crafted a masterpiece in The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt and have changed how additional content should be presented with Hearts of Stone and Blood and Wine. At $20 you are already getting a better deal than most full priced games. If you are fan of The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt. Blood and Wine is a can’t-miss.

GameRevolution gives it a 5/5:

The main questline can be completed in about 10-15 hours with easily as much or more content to do in side-quests, contracts, and exploration of the new setting. This $20 expansion has enough excellent content that it rivals some full-priced triple-A titles; this is an excellent value that adds to the rich experience of The Witcher universe and is a fantastic send-off for the series. This is a real treasure and a tribute to all-things Witcher, perfectly captured in the final moment before the credits roll: a close-up of Geralt, who turns to look directly at the player through the screen with a subtle grin, as if giving thanks for the chance to tell one last Witcher story.

Bit-tech gives it an "Outstanding" score:

Still, I really can’t recommend Blood and Wine highly enough. It’s the work of a developer at the absolute height of its powers, a satisfying conclusion to the series, and a warm farewell to Geralt, the man who made CDProjekt’s name. Nobody is more deserving of a rest. But despite having been in his company for hundreds upon hundreds of hours, I sincerely hope the Witcher doesn’t stay away for too long.

Telegraph gives it a 5/5:

Blood and Wine is an expansion that’s more generous with its content than some full priced games, and the fact that CD Projekt Red has maintained such a consistent level of quality across both of its expansions is really remarkable. Blood and Wine is truly bittersweet; every hour played and every quest completed is a step closer to saying goodbye to Geralt, apparently forever, if CD Projekt stick to their current plans. But what a farewell it is.

GameCloud doesn't score it:

Simply put, Blood and Wine is a testament to how all modern game expansions should be, offering an experience so vast and varied that it could easily be justified as a standalone game. From the start, CD Projekt RED were up front about their plans for downloadable content, and there is no doubt that they delivered on all their promises while also working painstakingly for the past year to improve the core experience for everyone. Apart from the combat, which remains a little clunky and simplistic, almost everything else about the game has improved. Blood and Wine is just the cherry on top to wrap up what is unmistakably one of the best RPG franchises to grace gaming. I couldn’t imagine a more fitting ending for the series and make no reservations in recommending it to anyone who enjoyed The Witcher 3.

Impulse Gamer gives it a "Recommended" score:

Even though this is dubbed as the final adventure of Geralt for The Witcher 3 series, it is a fitting way to end your time in this truly perfect action RPG and if I could give you one suggestion, it would be ensure that you finish all the side quests of this expansion in order to get your fill of such an addictive and enjoyable.

Arcade Sushi gives it a 9.5/10:

Blood and Wine has been said to be the last pursuit for Geralt of Rivia for the foreseeable future according to CD Projekt Red. If that’s really true and we’re done with Witcher for a while, then Blood and Wine is most certainly the way to put this franchise to rest once and for all. The game is a testament to CD Projekt Red’s ability to craft a unique and diverse world even outside of its already vast core world. Geralt’s journeys may be coming to an end, but for your money, there’s no better place for that journey to end than in Toussaint.

God is a Geek goes scoreless:

A theme of the Witcher’s DLC is to make the boss battles seem grander and more difficult. It started with Hearts of Stone which had some fights that even began to impersonate Dark Souls, and that has continued in Blood and Wine as the big bads come thick and fast and are quite challenging, even on the easiest difficulty. They actually require you to use the Beastiary to find a creature’s weakness and then exploit it. It’s witchering at its finest.

PlayStation LifeStyle goes scoreless, too:

Blood and Wine by itself would set the bar high for games in general, but as an expansion it is entirely unrivaled. CD Projekt RED have closed out Geralt’s story with an incredible finale to a game that handily won our Game of the Year award for 2015. Blood and Wine takes The Witcher 3 and expands, evolves, and turns conventions on their heads for a fantastic adventure that not only is a must-buy as DLC, but makes The Witcher 3 even more of a must-own game for those that don’t already.

PushSquare gives it a 10/10:

CD Projekt Red has released three masterpieces within the space of a year. Alongside Hearts of Stone, Blood and Wine ensures that The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt is, without question, the role-playing game to beat going forward. Toussaint provides a gorgeous new location that's a joy to explore, and the sun-soaked land houses enough engrossing content to put many fully priced retail releases to shame. Geralt's last hurrah is a pleasure to experience; a fitting end to a stunning achievement.

TheSixthAxis doesn't hand out a score:

Toussaint’s beauty draws you in while the twists and turns of the stories within keep you engaged. The sheer quality present in Blood and Wine is astounding, from the artwork to the acting, and if some of the problems are fixed, it’ll be close to perfection. If Blood and Wine is to be The Witcher series’ finale, then it’s going out on a high note that befits the high standards that have been set over the years. If you’ve enjoyed The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt, then this expansion is essential.

The Game Bolt gives it a "Play" verdict:

This is a series that I am very emotionally invested in, and I had high expectations. Thankfully, CD Projekt Red delivered with this excellent expansion. I am sad to see the end of this series, but it couldn’t have gone out a better way. This is an unmissable experience for fans of The Witcher series and RPGs, and it’s one I will be going back to for months to come in order to squeeze out of every little bit of narrative I can.

And We The Nerdy gives it a 9.5/10:

Blood and Wine is a goodbye to Geralt and all the characters in this world…For now. But with all this content to sift through you may not be done for a month. Building a vineyard, chasing vampires, doing paperwork at a bank, playing Gwent it’s all there, and it all is written and developed within an inch of its life. CDPR’s latest expansion is well worth your time.