The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim - Definitive Edition Listed on Retailer, Rumored to be Announced at E3

Online retailer has listed a Definitive Edition for The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim (spotted by NeoGAF user), which would be headed to PlayStation 4 (and presumably Xbox One) this November. This matches a recent rumor that more vaguely stated that Bethesda would announce a remaster at E3, and one that some outlets already interpreted to be talking about Skyrim. Furthermore, Bethesda already stated in the past that they had ported Skyrim to Xbox One to familiarize themselves with the new machines while working on Fallout 4.

This might well be one of the surprises Bethesda has in store for their E3 conference, then. Assuming it's true, though, what has me curious is the form that this remaster will take. Will Bethesda be content to port the title to the current consoles? Will they bring mods to console, as they did for Fallout 4? Will they enhance its visuals? If the graphics will be improved, will they port those enhancements to PC? We'll see whether there's any need to answer those questions in the first place on June 12.