Former Diablo III Game Director Jay Wilson Leaves Blizzard

Diablo III is no stranger to controversy, from its real money auction house to the sapping of the character progression options we'd come to expect from the first two games. Some people blamed these controversial decisions on game director Jay Wilson, and while I have to assume he played a role in each of them, it's hard to say just how much of this blame he should assume.

In any event, he went on to say some nasty things about David Brevik in 2012, moved to a new project in 2013, and after falling out of the public eye completely for the past three years, has apparently left the developer to pursue a career in writing.  From his Twitter post:

I'm leaving to pursue my original passion, writing. It's what I was doing when I fell into this job, and I've always wanted to return to it.

It's too bad that it came to this, and I genuinely hope he lands on his feet.