Pillars of Eternity Patch v3.03 Beta Version Live, Changelog

Obsidian Entertainment has pushed a new beta patch for Pillars of Eternity, v3.03, which will likely be the last for the game or at least for the foreseeable future. The patch is available on Steam for those who have opted in the game's beta program, and the full changelog is available on the Obsidian website, though I've also taken the liberty to quote it below.

If you want a summary, though, it includes a fix for a number of bugs, the most critical being one that would make enemies stack on stats when saving and reloading an area, and a number of balance changes meant to make the Barbarian and Rogue classes more appealing:

  • Enemies no longer gain increased shield Deflection and Reflex bonuses when you and save and load in a creature's area.
  • Improved the performance of snow footprint VFX.
  • Biography now correctly updates after collecting springberries.
  • Characters no longer slide across the ground when commanded to move when getting up from prone.
Spells and Abilities
  • Chanter buffs and heals now affect the chanter.
  • Combusting Wounds now correctly adds damage.
  • Shadowing Beyond and the Strike abilities now correctly gain a bonus from Backstab.
  • Druids can now use Second Wind and Outlander’s Frenzy when spiritshifted.
  • Unbending now gives the correct amount of health.
  • Fixed an issue where NPCs would not turn hostile after some conversations.
  • Ogres no longer become hostile after transitioning out and back in the Russetwood cave. Sul no longer attacks her own pride.
  • Nesta now despawns if the Tax Evasion quest is resolved by returning to the town immediately.
  • NPCs no longer become hostile when saving and loading in Noonfrost.
  • Mourning Gloves no longer give permanent buffs.
  • Spell Striking Weapons no longer proc twice on crits.
  • Combusting Wounds granted by Spellholding now correctly rolls to hit.
  • Executioner’s Hood Accuracy bonus now applies correctly in all situations.
  • The item Snef’s Folly will no longer disappear after transitioning.
  • Riposte: In addition to triggering on 20% of Misses, it should also trigger on 30% of Grazes.
  • Escape: Using Escape should give the rogue a temporary (base 10s) boost to Deflection and Reflexes (+25).
  • Adept Evasion: It should be changed to convert 75% of Reflex Grazes to Misses and 50% of Reflex Hits to Grazes.
  • Fearsome Strike: Affliction durations increased to base 15s.
  • Smoke Cloud: Increase the AoE radius by 33% and the Distracted duration by 50%.
  • Withering Strike damage increased to +50%.
  • Shadow Step can now be canceled early, and grants a 20% damage boost.
  • Barbaric Yell and Barbaric Shout should be set to zero recovery.
  • Thick-Skinned: Increase bonuses to +3 (from +2).
  • Heart of Fury: Switch to 1/Encounter.
  • Echoing Shout: Switch to Foe-only.
  • One Stands Alone now triggers when enemies are nearby, instead of only being triggers when the barbarian is engaged.
One-Handed Style
  • One-Handed Style: Change to the Graze to Hit conversion (30%) to a Hit to Crit conversion (15%).
  • One-Handed Style: No longer works while using a shield.