Tyranny Interview

While we wait for more information on the title to be released, you might want to read this new interview with a Tyranny developer at Obsidian over at Canadian website Gamer Québec, which talks about the game's basic gameplay systems, the role of the protagonist in the world, and also touches briefly on Obsidian's mixed history with licensed IPs. Here's an excerpt:

What are you most excited about in Tyranny, something that you think players will absolutely love?

Honestly, it's hard for me to narrow this down to just one thing. I love the world we've created for Tyranny. We set the game at the end of the Bronze Age, transitioning into the Iron Age. It's different than the traditional medieval western European high fantasy, and I think people will really enjoy the detail that's gone into constructing this world. I can't wait to hear what types of characters our players make as they combine skills, talents, and spells into different combinations and argue about which character is most powerful. I'm a magic system geek, so I love our spell crafting system. We have some really great hard choices for players to make. I can't wait to read their reactions when they're faced with these situations and try to decide how their character will respond.

So I guess the answer to your question is that I'm most excited about players finally being able to experience this world we've created, and hearing about the choices they've made.