Baldur's Gate: Siege of Dragonspear Reviews

After scouring the web for new reviews of Beamdog's recently released Baldur's Gate: Siege of Dragonspear expansion pack, I've managed to find a handful of them - ranging from dismal to quite favorable - in some unlikely places.

IGN Russia gives it an 8.5/10, though its text translates into a somewhat bizarre conclusion:

Members should be aware that this is a plot bridge between the games of the late 90-ies. I do not know what to say on this occasion, because it does not expect to make Beamdog this addon. A home from a single blank ( "Well, as we expected, Beamdog goof"), for obvious reasons, had to be abandoned. However, given the thrust Beamdog cut the branch on which it sits (see. Scandals over allegations of screenwriter and so on.), And a clear desire to practice necromancy and more, this uncomplicated philippic can be useful in the case of the following output independent of the company.

GRYOnline gives it an 8/10:

However, the developer still needs a little work on your skills, especially in regard to the construction less linear story and provide more elaborate technology products. Personally, I hope also that Beamdog, if it intends to continue to create a completely new work, instead of just refresh old, will reach the end of the more contemporary technology. Already pal deuce graphics, but the Pillars of Eternity studio Obsidian Entertainment showed how you can use modern solutions to make old-school formula of the game deeper and more transparent and precise, not defiance with the traditions of the genre. Therefore, I hope that the production of any Baldur's Gate III, creator of the position in question Infinity engine will go into retirement. And even if it does not - and so these RPG-Dominion may tremble to its foundations when Beamdog take up a third of Baldur's Gate. May the only studio that had reached conclusions imperfections Siege of Dragonspear and showed that he can further develop wings.

The Witchfinder General gives it a 33%:

Siege of Dragonspear goes on. An on. And on. With every linearly presented area one expects an array of clumsy stereotypes and leaden writing. Some dwarves are in a nearby cave. They are unable to deal with an infestation of undead themselves so the player character has to do it for them. We meet a hill giant called Semahl. A .entle giant', remarks Viconia, with uncharacteristic kindness. By uncharacteristic, your author means that Viconia is an evil drow cleric of Shar!

And QuadNine gives it a 4.5/10:

Dragonspear felt like someone tried to make a new Baldur's Gate game without ever bothering to play the old games. Between the confusing and boring writing, bland and generic locations, and myriad of bugs there's no way any fan of the original games should play this when so many better options exist. Beamdog have said they want to make a third Baldur's Gate game in the future, and if Dragonspear is what they do when given creative license, then perhaps it's best the series remains dormant.