Dark Souls III Released, Trailer

While Japanese players and a select number of reviewers and YouTube/Twitch 'content creators' already had access to the game, Dark Souls III, the latest and for a while last in From Software's lineage of challenging dark fantasy action-RPGs, has been released today on PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. The game has already received raving reviews and a favorable early reception from the public, though it's apparently not without its problems. If you happen to play on PC, Rock, Paper, Shotgun has a number of workarounds for some of the bugs players have been encountering:

Dark Souls III [official site] launched last night and is, you'll probably not be surprised to learn, a mite wonky for some players. Problems reported include controllers not working, lower performance than expected, and the game crashing at bonfires. It's not clear how widespread these problems are, and publishers Bandai Namco haven't addressed them specifically yet, but for now players have figured out workarounds for some. Or, you know, it might be fine and dandy for you. Life is full of surprises.

There is also a new launch trailer, different from the Japanese one. It feels daft that I have to repeat this yet again, but don't watch if you don't want story scenes and new locations spoiled for you: