Pillars of Eternity: The White March Part II - Eyeless Enemy Profile

The Escapist has gotten an exclusive first look at one new foe players will meet in The White March Part II expansion to Pillars of Eternity: the Eyeless. These creatures were forged by a god (the article doesn't state which of Eora's gods and goddesses) and are attempting to invade the entire Eastern Reach, for reasons that the Watcher will likely have to investigate during the campaign.

The article also includes a gallery of screenshots and render, in addition to a couple of comments from game director J.E. Sawyer and lead character artist Dimitri Berman:

"At the beginning of the second part of The White March, the Watcher has a dream in which they see terrible visions of these monstrous creatures sweeping across the Eastern Reach, destroying every settlement and overpowering every army in their path." said Josh Sawyer, Obsidian's game director for the series. "It's unclear where the Eyeless have come from and why they would want to destroy civilization, but the Watcher's dream puts them on a path to find out why."

And since the story calls for The Eyeless, it's up to the character artist team to bring them to life.

"From the start, we knew the Eyeless had to be really unique," said Dimitri Berman, lead character artist on Pillars of Eternity. "The story called for a race of beings forged by a god, so at once it was an exciting challenge. The Eyeless had to be practical because they were built for a purpose, but they were also truly alien to Eora, so we tried to convey that in their statuesque form. We also imagined the god could forge with both bronze and organic matter indiscriminately, and sometimes might blend the two, so there are parts where the internal metal skeleton reveals itself through the thin moon-flesh."