Morrowind Modders Experimenting With Multiplayer

The folks at Rock, Paper, Shotgun have spotted a very interesting video test published by Stanislav Zhukov on YouTube. With the use of OpenMW, an open-source engine recreation of The Elder Scrolls III: Morrowind engine designed for ease of modification, the enterprising modder could come up with a working prototype of a multiplayer mode for the title, albeit one that for now only handles limited functionality and seemingly runs on a single local machine.

Since Rock, Paper, Shotgun noticed the video on YouTube, Mr. Zhukov published another video of his experiments. The video showcases some more complex interactions (mostly combat actions performed by a player against another player) and is slightly longer. I'm going to embed both inside the article:


As of now, OpenMW is still deep in development (the latest build released is v0.37.0) and the main team has no plans for development of a multiplayer feature before the official v1.0 release. Still, these tests show that a multiplayer feature might at least be worth exploring. To me, even as someone who has never advocated for the series to add multiplayer, the possibilities are exciting.