What's Obsidian's Next Big Thing?

The folks at GamePressure have quizzed Obsidian CEO Feargus Urquhart and Pillars of Eternity game director J.E. Sawyer about a variety of topics in a recent interview, but the most interesting questions and answers are those that deal with future projects from Obsidian. Urquhart confirmed that Obsidian still intends to launch a new crowdfunded project and reiterated that a new project (one that judging by his recent GameInformer interview, is under a publisher's umbrella and I assume will probably avoid crowdfunding) will be announced in the next few months:

I assume that you won't be able to tell me anything about what you're currently working on, but there are lots of possibilities on the horizon. Pillars of Eternity 2, full-fledged RPG in Pathfinder universe that you were considering. Paradox acquired rights to the universe of the World of Darkness, I'm sure a lot of gamers would be really excited to hear that you're making an RPG in this rich world. When can we expect any official announcements?

Feargus Urquhart: Not to tease, but we will have news in the next two or three months. We absolutely are looking at crowdfunding one of our next titles as well, so we'll have news on that soon. I can say it's been fun to sit around and talk with Tim Cain, Game Director of the original Fallout, about ideas for our next thing. I wish I could talk about it more.

What's happening regarding the mysterious Kickstarter campaign that was supposed to launch by the end of 2014 (according to the interview you had with CVG)? I asked you about this in April and you said that it's only a matter of weeks.

Feargus Urquhart: We thought about that a lot and decided that we should completely finish Pillars of Eternity before we went back to crowdfunding. Part of that was just because of how busy we were, and part of it was that it felt a bit strange to ask everyone for more money before we had delivered on our first crowdfunded game.

Spotted on the RPG Codex.