Pillars of Eternity Update #103: The White March Part II Sneak Peek, Short Stories, v2.03 Patch Out

The latest post-funding Kickstarter update for Pillars of Eternity, the 103rd update since the launch of the campaign, informs us of the launch of patch v2.03 after a short beta stint and the release of the first of four planned short stories, Carrie Patel's "The Ratcatcher". It also includes a brief sneak peek of The White March Pt. II's new areas and creatures, though the folks at Obsidian aren't prepared to go into details on the expansion yet.

A little more information on the four planned short stories:

The Ratcatcher and New Short Stories

One of Pillars of Eternity's very own Narrative Designers, Carrie Patel, has a brand new short story featuring Sagani and Itumaak.

Without spoiling too much, Sagani runs across a foul murder in a small village and is determined to find out what really happened.

This is the first short story in a new series of stories that we will be releasing over the coming weeks that will feature familiar characters and some new faces. Here are the release dates for the other stories:
  • Blood Register by Paul Kirsch - November 3rd
  • The Reaping by Eric Fenstermaker - November 10th
  • Until He Started Screaming by Carrie Patel - Released Date TBD