Fallout 4 Audio Director Discusses Radio, New Gameplay Snippet

Fallout 4 audio director Mark Lampert discussed the developers' new approach to radio stations and audio direction in a new interview with iDigitalTimes. While Bethesda stuck to a very narrow slice of time when it came to selecting licensed tracks for Fallout 3, they are apparently being looser with the fourth mainline title of the series and sticking to a general aesthetic. For example, Skeeter Davis' The End of the World is included in the soundtrack, even though it was recorded in 1962:

(The fun part is we all had this great starting point from Fallout 3. Do we want to do more of that music? Absolutely,) Lampert told iDigitalTimes. (We not only wanna do more we also want to push the limits on where the time period is. I think before we stuck a little more closely to what is too early and what is too late. This time we bent the rules quite a bit more to find what would be really fun.)

Fans already heard one Fallout 4 soundtrack song that fit this category - (The Wanderer) by Dion - which was featured in the live action trailer.

(We gotta do that song. You ARE the Wanderer,) Lampert said.

Lampert revealed another song to iDigi that isn't exactly in the era found in Fallout 3 but ( the lyrics are just too obvious) to ignore. Behold, another track you'll be bopping along to in post-apocalyptic Boston - Skeeter Davis' (The End of the World.)

Additionally, Bethesda just posted a very short (15 seconds) segment of gameplay on YouTube. The video showcases the "Big Leagues" perk, which increases damage for melee weapons: