Divinity: Original Sin II Update #4, $1,151,768 and Counting

The latest update for Divinity: Original Sin II's Kickstarter campaign gives us an idea of the racial skills and background involved for the Lizard race, while also teasing the potential implications of the Undead origin stretch goal, which is only $50,000 away. Additionally, Larian has committed to introducing new tiers in the near future, in response to the feedback from current and potential backers.

A snippet on the Lizards' lore:

Machiavellian and cold-blooded in every sense, the lizards are one of the oldest races in Rivellon, and believe themselves to be superior in all regards. They remember the times when humans swung from trees and, as far as they can see, not much has changed since then.

It is a widely-held belief among lizards that they were once a species of dragons, who became tainted after mingling with the '˜lesser' species of Rivellon. Because of this, the lizards now place a great deal of emphasis on maintaining the purity of their bodies and bloodlines. The decline of the lizard race from their original form has passed into legend, but many still cling to the belief that they are descended from dragons, and that perhaps they can be restored one day.

The lizards' obsession with bodily purity has led them to structure their entire society around the attainment of perfection -- individuals have been observed to ascend into power not because of their ability, but because they exhibit good breeding. Meanwhile, deviations from accepted physical and aesthetic standards are seen as degenerate, and treated as acts of treason.

The ruling system of the lizards has become tyrannical in its efforts to purify the species; poorer and less influential lizards dread that their offspring will fail to meet the standard, and cause the ruination of their entire clan. This system has kept a relatively small enclave of the purest lizards in power for generations, but there is a growing voice of dissent from some corners of the population that say they are charging headlong towards extinction.

And a few tentative racial skills:

Health Regeneration (Passive)
Bask in the sun and recharge those battle-damaged batteries.

Resist Poison (Passive)
Not only a lizard's speech is riddled with acid, its blood is too. Good luck trying to knock one out with something as crude as cyanide.

10% chance to fall asleep when chilled (Passive)
Cold-bloods get sleepy in low temperatures. We see it happen at Larian all the time...

Automatically hastened when warm/hot (Passive)
Hand them a cup of coffee on the other hand...

+1 Intelligence Bonus (Passive)
No Larian tie-in here, but them lizards though! They're *real* smart!

Poor Dark Vision (Passive)
Lizards are children of the sun. Take them into subterranean locales and they'll walk from stalagmite into stalactite. Don't laugh out loud though, or the cave dwellers will hear you coming!

Produce Poison (Active)
As in: the ability to fill an empty flask with poison.

Tip for the rest of the party: look away. It's only courteous.