Pillars of Eternity: The White March Part I Released

The first expansion for Pillars of Eternity, The White March Part I, is now out on Steam and on GOG. It's possible to either purchase Part I alone for $14.99/€14,99 or Part I and Part II together with the Expansion Pass for $24.99/€23,99. Backers who pledged for the expansion can find instructions on how to redeem a key at this link.

Here's the launch trailer:

And the press release:

Pillars of Eternity Releases its First Expansion, 'The White March: Part I'

Critically Acclaimed RPG Extends its Story with New Locations, Characters, and More

IRVINE, Calif Aug. 25, 2015 Obsidian Entertainment and Paradox Interactive today released the first of a two-part expansion to Pillars of Eternity, the role-playing game (RPG) phenomenon funded by over 70 thousand backers. The award-winning recipient for the Best Indy RPG at E3 2015 from MMORPG.com, (The White March: Part I) is the first addition to the critically acclaimed game, and includes an extensive array of new dynamic content for both Pillars of Eternity veterans and newcomers. White March expands the story and experience of the original game, adding new locations, quests, and companions to the world of Eora, as well as new gameplay features such as multi-class abilities, soulbound weapons, and a higher level cap, allowing players new ways to play in all areas of the game. The White March: Part I is available today as an add-on to Pillars of Eternity for Windows, Mac, and Linux PC for $14.99. A bundle with Parts I and II is available for $24.99, which will grant owners the second installment immediately upon its release.

In The White March: Part I, Obsidian Entertainment continues the tale of Pillars of Eternity, an RPG inspired by classics of the computer RPG genre. Featuring an expertly crafted story from Carrie Patel, author of the Recoletta series and writer on the original Pillars of Eternity, and Eric Fenstermaker, lead writer on Pillars of Eternity and one of the co-writers of South Park: The Stick of Truth alongside show creators Trey Parker and Matt Stone, the new expansion has new lore and challenges to explore. Set during the middle of the original game similar to the classic Tales of the Sword Coast, the new expansion can be experienced regardless if players have completed the core game or not. Players will venture into a new setting inspired by the snowy environments of Icewind Dale, and meet new companions including The Devil of Caroc, a construct rogue, and the scarred monk Zahua. Additionally, players can make use of new advanced party-based AI during combat and other adventuring challenges.

The White March: Part I is available for purchase at http://buy.pillarsofeternity.com/. For more information on Pillars of Eternity, visit http://pillarsofeternity.com/.

Together with the expansion, Obsidian has also released the official version of patch v2.0 for the title, which introduces feature like single-character stealth, party AI and hit-chance indicators, in addition to a large amount of balance changes and bug fixes. The patch is necessary to play the expansion and should be available to all owners of the title.