Rebecca Heineman on The Bard's Tale Ports Video Interview

Matt Barton has asked a number of questions concerning The Bard's Tale trilogy, The Bard's Tale IV Kickstarter and her own projects to veteran designer and programmer Rebecca "Burger" Heineman, as part of the latest Matt Chat episode. Heineman explains how the collaboration came about, what enhancements are being considered for the ports, her time estimations for the development of the project, her own Kickstarter for Shredded Worlds: Dragons of the Rip, why she isn't sold on the Scottish theme for The Bard's Tale IV, and what her opinion of Wasteland 2 is.

On top of that, Barton also reviewed the recently released indie RPG Serpent in the Staglands. He's generally positive about the game, though he recommends waiting until the Whalenought Studios team has squashed all the bugs: