GB Feature: Pillars of Eternity Review and Content Overload

In addition to finally publishing a full review for Obsidian Entertainment's Pillars of Eternity, we're also pleased to announce that we've opened up a dedicated subsite for the crowd-funded RPG that's filled with the same type of content you've come to expect from us. To get the most out of the title, head on over for a work-in-progress annotated walkthrough, a set of locations to go with it, an equipment database, a bestiary, and details for all of the game's classes, races, attributes, backgrounds, cultures, skills, spells, talents, and abilities.

But if the critique is what you're interested in, here are a couple of paragraphs from the review:

Since you don't earn experience points for battles, your reward for defeating most enemies is the loot they drop. Pillars of Eternity uses the same sort of equipment rewards as the Infinity Engine games, where there aren't any random or set items, and where about a third of the fixed items you find come from battles and quest rewards, and the other two-thirds come from shopkeepers, thus giving you a place to spend your money.

Most enemies also drop ingredients, which allows you to do some crafting. You can create food items (which can only be used outside of battle), potions (which can be used in battle), and spell scrolls. You can also enchant weapons and armor to increase the quality of the item and add a couple of bonuses. The enchanting mechanic is convenient because it means you're not held hostage by the items you happen to find in the campaign. You can modify basic items so they're useful to you as well.