The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt Gameplay Stream and Q&A

Today, the folks at CD Projekt RED streamed a fairly sizable chunk of The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt gameplay on GOG's channel, and followed with a Q&A on the title. During the gameplay segment, the developers showcased how the character progression system works, and how different builds could change the approach to a particular encounter (the setup was a pretty standard fight against a group of bandits). The devs also showed an encounter against a monster called Shrieker at the hardest difficulty level.

During the Q&A, devs were asked questions on a range of subjects, from interface to story, passing through core gameplay mechanics and even minigames. I have to say, of all CD Projekt's Q&As, this wasn't the best, with devs occasionally giving an answer just to then contradict it or discuss it among themselves, and I had the impression that having to deal with the volume of text coming from the chat might have been overwhelming for them. That said, it's still worth watching.