Brian Fargo Podcast Interview

Gaming Podcast MemoryLeak has published a very interesting interview with inXile CEO Brian Fargo at the beginning of the month, and it's a lengthy chat at that: we're talking about almost 1 hour of interview. The interview touches on many points that are clearly near and dear to Fargo's heart like the benefits of crowd-funding, the sometimes strained relationship between developers and publishers, the importance of creative freedom, and also the death of Interplay, which is a subject he doesn't talk about nearly as often.

Interestingly, in this interview Fargo elaborates more on his opinions on publishers and his experience in the field than he usually does, and explain exactly what he believes corporations should do to have a more successful relationship with developers, while still reaping financial benefits proportionate to the financial risks. Even if you ultimately disagree with Fargo's pro-developer perspective, it's a more nuanced and in-depth stance than he usually takes, and that makes it all that much more interesting to me.