The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt Interview

GameZone caught up with CD Projekt RED's Fabian Mario Doehla at the recent rAge expo in South Africa, quizzing the community manager about The Witcher 3's unfortunate design document leak, how the trilogy will end "with a bang", console vs. PC game development, and more. A snip:

How has the leak affected the game?

"It has gave away some of the monster designs. The world map leaked. We always talked about how big the game was. It sounded really bad but it wasn't that bad. You've got a plan when to show people and what and when the plan gets messed up it's a little upsetting. We were upset for a few days and then we kept on. I even heard that we leaked it on purpose to generate PR and show how big the game is, but seriously, if you work so hard you don't leak anything on purpose. The good thing is we still have much to reveal. Not everything is leaked. There willl be some interesting things coming up."

In what way is The Witcher 3 going to be more than the first two games?

"It's open world. People like talking about the size of the game, and yes it's bigger than other open world games. Yes, it's also 35 times bigger than The Witcher. It's based on a novel which helps a lot with story writing. It's always cheesy to talk about great graphics, but it's been a while since The Witcher 2, don't forget. We focused working on next-gen, which is now called current gen and that's made quite a different."