The Witcher Adventure Game Content Previews

While we don't typically cover board games, given the excitement surrounding The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt and its incorporation of the card-based component, I thought I'd point you over to Fantasy Flight Games where they've previewed movement and actions as well as quests in the upcoming title. A couple of blurbs:

The second action that all heroes can use is investigate. When you choose to investigate, you draw the top card of one of three investigation decks: diplomacy, magic, or combat. These decks can yield beneficial encounters, offering you leads, gold, or other boons. But they also contain setbacks, forcing you to fight for your life, delaying you, or bringing the Continent closer to open war. Whether you come under arcane assault or take on a lucrative contract, your investigations immerse you in the world of The Witcher and help to bring you closer to completing your quests.

You may also choose the develop action to enhance your hero's skills and talents. Selecting the develop action allows you to draw the top two cards from your hero's unique development deck. These cards can range from potions, to magic spells, to clever companions, to weapons and armor, based on which hero the cards belong to. You choose one of the two cards to keep, and place the other on the bottom of the deck. Once chosen, these development cards provide a long-lasting benefit, enabling you to overcome difficulties that once would have thwarted you.


Geralt of Rivia is adept at combat, but cautious and careful diplomacy isn't his preferred means for resolving issues. To reflect this, Geralt can convert three red leads to one red proof, but he needs seven purple leads to exchange for a single purple proof. Other heroes have different specialties. Triss Merigold relies on her magical prowess, meaning she needs only three blue leads to convert to one blue proof.

Once you've gathered the necessary leads from your travels and adventures, you can exchange them for proof at any point during your turn. To complete your main quest, you must gather proof and reach the location specified by your quest card. Some quests may even require you to do battle with a fearsome monster from another sphere, but even in these cases, you must gather proofs to complete other aspects of the quest. We'll explore combat and monsters in greater detail in a future preview.

After the main quest is completed, you immediately gain the listed main quest victory points and resolve the consequences. But even successfully resolving a main quest can have unfortunate consequences. When the Of Dwarven Make main quest is completed, you immediately draw one beneficial good fortune card and receive two gold, but you receive no sword: the dwarven smith swindles you and escapes with your treasure. Regardless of the consequences, quests are your path to gain victory points and impact the course of events in the Northern Kingdoms. When a player successfully completes three main quests, the game ends and the player with the most victory points wins!