The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt Interview

CD Projekt RED's Michał Krzemiński sheds some additional light on what we should expect from The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt in a new interview on The Examiner, though the answers provided are relatively short and generalized. Still, I won't complain about having another chance to hear more about the ambitious role-playing title:

Examiner: - Game On: How does the studio feel about the current installment base of the PS4 and Xbox One? Are the bases where the studio wants them to be?

Michał Krzemiński: That's not a question for me to be honest, but, from my perspective, I think that the new consoles are just getting started. Still, the current player base is quite impressive.


Examiner: - Game On: How did the team design the villages of The Witcher 3? Were there any particular inspirations?

Michał Krzemiński: We've studied a lot of materials and got a ton of references from old Slavic tales. But it's not only that, our team visited a lot of museums and places with some history to get inspiration. We haven't recreated anything in particular, because that was never the point, but we created our own take on things.