Vampire: Bloodlines v9.1 Unofficial Patch Released

Wesp5's commitment to providing unofficial patches for Vampire: The Masquerade - Bloodlines is clearly unwavering, as he has just debuted a new version 9.1 update that's just as packed with fixes and enhancements for the RPG as the previous entries. A summary of what to expect:

+Added line of Venus to get rid of the turnstile in Club Confession.
+Added sound to blood guardian summoning and removed a blood trail.
+Added occult item Research text and fixed issue with Heather quest.
+Added library note inspection and restored tree to Leopold Society.
+Improved Gimble to Vandal dialogue and options to get Trip's quest.
+Fixed volume of Blood Hunt music and active discpline's durations.
+Fixed beachhouse dog clipping and tutorial guard attacking player.
+Fixed missing blood pack after blood hunt and Barabas breaking out.
+Fixed Nosferatu issue for male blooddoll and warrens spiderchicks.
+Corrected library decal problems and stuff in bloodless apartments.
+Corrected library and Asylum elevator problems, thanks vladdmaster.
+Made Hallowbrook atrium skipable but moved Ra blade there as goal.
+Updated Free View Weapons to plus version and fixed some histories.
+Halved damage of Giovanni ghosts and increased Obfuscator trigger.
+Changed Sheriff's sword from Brawl to Melee and improved Lily line.
+Delayed quick Nosferatu leaving and improved Pisha leaving issues.
+Moved unused Asian music to Kamikaze Zen and restored Lotus music.
+Forced Skelter dialogue a second time and moved saves to old/save.
Added Nines' gesture and improved Wong Ho one, thanks vladdmaster.
Removed Beckett warehouse stealth message and sleepers standing up.
Removed visible Pisha victim and improved scary Ocean House sounds.
Fixed tutorial invisible-popups-teleporting and minor text issues.
Fixed sewer sound transitions on SM, Hollywood and Chinatown hubs.
Fixed map holes at Skyeline vent top and Leopold Society sea cave.
Fixed Christopher, Damsel, Gary, Johansen and McFly dialogue bugs.
Repaired possible Ming after Hallowbrook bug and warrens doorblock.
Corrected syntax errors using VTMBedit and fatguys not using claws.
Corrected tilted Hollywood streetlights and removed Asphole block.
Made Steam default folder and added numbers to Empire Hotel floors.
Repaired Grout's candles and Heather's clothes, thanks vladdmaster.
Adjusted health bar frame and weapon/discpline highlight graphics.
Hid Blood Hunt flickering with dumpsters and removed sewer copcars.
Restored Giovanni meeting guys and fixed Ocean House model details.