The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt Interview Tidbits

We have rounded up a couple of small not-quite-interviews with the CD Projekt RED developers concerning their upcoming Witcher threequel, courtesy of this year's EGX convention.

IGN discussed DLC and DRM:

"We don't want to assault anyone," he said. "Each time we are thinking about a decision, the first rule is we have to treat gamers like we'd like to be treated. We don't believe in DRM because we hate DRM. It also doesn't protect, not really. Games are cracked in minutes, hours or days, but they're always cracked. If you want to pirate you'll find a way. But if you're a committed gamer and are buying the game why should we place a barrier on you?

"Then, with DLC, it's small content. Like one-thousandth of the whole game. Why should you charge for that? If it's small, give it for free. I know it's not always possible or easy but this is what we want to give gamers; a little bit of love, which we'd like to get from other developers as gamers ourselves."

While Eurogamer discussed Geralt's revamped character design:

For here is a man considered non-human - a man mutated by procedures to make him a super-human monster killer. It's a process that left Geralt with no body pigmentation, with pale skin and white hair. Is handsome what Andrzej Sapkowski, creator of The Witcher fiction, had in mind?

"The truth is, [Geralt] was a relatively handsome man," CD Projekt Red's Michal Platkow-Gillewski told me at EGX. "He could have love affairs with a lot of women - that's in the books, and the same happens in our games. Looking as a monster, you couldn't achieve that.

"Maybe we were looking for a perfect proportion of his face and in previous instalments we weren't there. This [Witcher 3 portrayal] is my favourite, and there is no canonical Geralt face. It's the first time I heard that someone doesn't like someone because he's too handsome - but if he's so handsome, I'm not so sure."