Pillars of Eternity Backer Beta v278 Released

A new build of Pillars of Eternity's backer beta has been released on Steam yesterday. It includes a large number of changes and fixes that make it far easier to get an impression of the actual combat mechanics, even though it's clear that the game is still very much a work in progress. Here's the changelog:

Fixed Issues

  • Items disappearing on save/load and transitions has been fixed
  • Fixed a problem where quests/tasks are lost when loading while in a game
  • Saving games no longer causes the zoom in/out feature to function improperly
  • Currency, Quest items, Crafting items, and Camping Supplies are no longer placed in the inventory after loading a game
  • Status icons no longer revert to temp icons and text after loading a game

  • Adventurers can now be hired at levels above level 1
  • Characters no longer get stuck in attack or casting animation loops
  • Health values are no longer the same for all classes
  • Deep Wounds effect is no longer dealing large amounts of damage
  • Paladin's Zealous Charge is no longer slowing/rooting characters after saving
  • Fix to an issue where weapons would occasionally disappear on start of new game on slower machines.
  • Wizard, Cipher, and Chanter receive talents at level 3 and 6 now
  • Party member responsiveness has been improved
  • New icons for first level spells
  • Added new hairstyles
  • Added new portraits
  • Pathfinding is more accurate
  • Improved pathing around creatures
  • Scene transitions are more tolerant when switching scenes
  • Added fades to transitions
  • Fixed issues with ambient map levels being set too high
  • PC being knocked unconscious will not end the game.
  • Fixed maximum health issues on level up
  • Many other spell/ability fixes (too numerous to list)

  • Shops should have correct pricing now
  • Items and loot bags no longer appear on the ground randomly
  • Dropped loot no longer reappears after being looted
  • The Skull Key can now be used to open the entrance to Temple of Skaen
  • Added "page" system to the stash to improve performance when there are hundreds of items in the stash

User Interface
  • Inventory is no longer acting as though it is full when it is not
  • Main menu options text is no longer disappearing
  • Fixed a problem where players would lose control when closing the stash while holding a stashed item
  • The Continue button loads the newest save now
  • Right clicking portraits no longer moves the selected character
  • Turning the HUD off and invoking a menu no longer locks the HUD as invisible
  • Opening and closing the map quickly no longer allows you to see the entire area without fog
  • Added UI indicator for Fast and Slow modes
  • Updated look and feel of selection circles
  • Added new death screen art
  • The area map should match the look of the area
  • Fixed mixed glyph issue with dynamic fonts. This was causing text to look LiKe It wAs MiXIng SiZEs
  • Added scroll speed options in the settings
  • Control mapping is now saved

  • SFX are no longer looping in slow motion, while pausing, or when knockdown is played

  • Formations are now spaced properly/evenly
  • Water no longer becomes black between 5 and 7 am
  • Pace in the back of Dyrford Tavern is no longer translucent
  • Added SetZoomRange console command

On Known Issues List (that weren't fixed)

  • Dead party members will rejoin the party after transitions and save/load

  • Problem with AI instruction sets where sometimes enemies will stop attacking
  • Charmed/Dominated creatures will attack themselves

User Interface
  • Cannot cancel Character Creation, Level Up, or Adventurer Creation
  • Character Creation buttons can have a significant delay when clicked
  • Steps can be skipped in Character Creation