Pillars of Eternity Podcast Interview

Project lead J.E. Sawyer and lead producer Brandon Adler were the guests of the latest episode of Guy Cocker's videogame podcast. The interview is roughly 47 minutes long and is divided between about 25 minutes of discussion of recent video game news, a discussions of Pillars of Eternity and Obsidian Entertainment in general, and concludes with some discussion on this year's E3 and VR technology.

There's quite a lot of ground to cover, but to summarize a few of the most notable points:

  • The build of Pillars of Eternity that will be present at GamesCom and the other conventions is the same build that backers will get to access in the August 18th beta.
  • Obsidian isn't committing to a tablet version because, while tests that were performed early during development were more promising than they'd expected, they'd need to make revisions to the UI to accommodate for the touch interface, a console port, on the other hand, is fairly improbable.
  • The collector's book and campaign almanac will have a very different tone, with the collector's book offering a global outlook on the whole setting and the campaign almanac being written from an in-world perspective and including some running commentary by members of a secret society.